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Types for Amusement Rides

Mar 23 , 2021

Amusement equipment is classified according to the structure and motion. That is, the similar structure and movement classified as a class, rather than by the name of amusement rides. Each kind is named after a common and typical amusement equipment, which is the basic model. For example, “carousel amusement equipment” is based on “carousel”. Those amusement rides,which have the similar structure and motion belong to “carousel type”.

Nowadays there are about 15 kinds of amusement rides, such as Carousel series, Track coaster series, Gyroscope series, Flying towers series, Racing cars, Self-control planes, Ferris wheels, Trains, Spinning series, water rides, Bumper cars, Battery cars, Bungee and Slide rides, etc.

1. Carousel Type

Motion Features: The cockpit is mounted on a turntable or support arm, rotating around the vertical axis or inclined axis, or rotating slightly in the direction of the vertical axis with a slight swing.

2. Track Coaster Type

Motion Features: The vehicle itself has no power,driven by inertia along the track when it is lifted to a certain height; Or the vehicle itself has the power to run on the up-and-down track, such as: roller coaster, fruit bumper, dragon coaster, crescent moon, mini shuttle, etc.

3. Gyroscope Type

Motion Features: The cockpit revolves around the variable angle of the shaft and the main shaft is mostly installed on the raised arm, such as miami rides, double flying, disco tagada, etc.

4. Flying Towers

Motion Features: Hanging cockpits, doing swing movement, such as flying tower, swing chair, viewing tower, gliding flying wing, frog jump and so on.

5. Racing Cars

Motion Features: Run according to the specified routes, such as racing cars, sports car and high-speed cars and so on.

6. Self-control Planes

Motion Features: The passenger part revolves around the central axis and does the lifting movement. The passenger part is mostly installed on the rotary arm. Such as: self-control plane, controlled bear, rotary bees and so on.

7. Ferris Wheel

Motion Features: The passenger part revolves around the horizontal axis, such as ferris wheel, big pinwheel, pirate ship, meteor hammer, top spin, etc.

8. Trains

Motion Features: It orbits along the ground,such as fairy train, elephant train and so on.

9. Spinning Coaster

Motion Features: Running along an overhead track, such as aerial vehicles and air trains.

10. Water Rides

Motion Features: Amusement device by water, such as water slides, water roaming, canyon rafting, bumper boats, cruise ships, water cycling, water skiing and various swimming pools.

11. Bumper Cars

Motion Features: Passengers operate with electricity, internal combustion engines or human drivers. A collision is carried out on a fixed site, such as electric bumper cars, battery bumper cars, high trucks, etc.

12. Battery Cars

Motion Features: Powered by batteries, operated on the ground, usually operated by passengers themselves, suitable for children.

13. Bungee

Motion Features: The elastic rope is used to catapult the cabin upwards from the height of the cockpit to the pleasure facilities that fall down from the sky.The person who is catapulting upward is generally fixed in the cabin, and the person who jumps down is usually put on safety protective clothing (belt), such as bungee jumping and space flying man.

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