Indoor Park

Solutions for A Successful Venue

Prodigy Group concentrates on providing a complete solution to project your successful amusement park. Our experienced designers will work closely with your team to create a unique and exciting experience for your guests.

3D Renderings

After fully communication of every aspect and detail, our designers create 3D renderings with the latest technological devices to show you the visual effect of the future project. This dynamic point of view helps managers to make the best choice.

Amusement Equipment Supply

Prodigy Group will arrange to manufacture the rides based on your selection from the design. Also, equipment customization is available thanks to Prodigy’s strong R&D team and modern production equipment.

Installation & Operation Training

A skilled technician team travels the world to supervise and coordinate the set up of the rides, and help you to train the staff to operate and maintain the equipment correctly, so that your customers can enjoy the rides safe and fun.

After-Sale Service

Technical Assistance will be provided timely, even fly technicians to your country if necessary. Emergency telephone call is on by 24/7.Prodigy Group provide vulnerable parts for spare use for free.





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