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  • Brand Name : Prodigy
  • Type : Pedal Go Karts
  • Engine : water-cooling,350cc,4 stroke
  • Material : High quality steel pipe
  • Cart Size : 2665*1650*770mm
  • Wheel Size : 185*30-R14/295*30-R14
  • Packing Size : 2600*1150*750mm
  • Description

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    A go-kart, also written as go-cart (often referred to as simply a kart), is a type of open-wheel car.
    Go-karts come in all shapes and forms, from motorless models to high-powered racing machines. Some,such as Superkarts,are able to beat racing cars or motorcycles on long circuits.Many recreational karts can be powered by four-stroke engines or electric motors, while racing karts use a two-stroke or, rarely, higher powered four-stroke engines.
    Most of them are single seater but some recreational models can accommodate a passenger.


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